WWNYTV 7 News – Review of Hairspray by Craig Thorton

“ The show is perfectly cast with Leanne Brunn’s optimistic, idealistic Tracy Turnblad  leading the way.  Effusive and ingratiating, Brunn’s natural charm shines through all she does.”

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New York Post – Review of Rags by Michael Riedel

“…And let me say that the cast, all students, was terrific, with special nods to Martha Wasser (Rebecca), Sean Kovacs (Avram) and Leanne Brunn (Rachel).”
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Billevesees – Review of Rags by William V. Madison

“After all, when Leanne Brunn warbled “Three Sunny Rooms,” it was as much the voice of my beloved Marcia Lewis that I heard as it was Brunn’s, and faces of friends loved and lost that I saw in place of the young actors onstage now. The show meant a lot to me, as I’ve said, and over the years it has taken on additional meanings, resonance far beyond the strains of Charles Strouse’s score. I had to keep reminding myself: the past doesn’t matter. It really doesn’t. Now it belongs to them… For her and for Brunn, who out of all the cast had perhaps the most difficult shoes to fill to the satisfaction of this audience, I’m especially confident the future holds much reward..”

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“I had the pleasure of working with Leanne at Marymount where even as a student she conducted herself as a 100% professional. She is a first rate singer, actress and comedienne and a joy to work with!! Cast her!!!!”

Bill Zeffiro Composer


“Leanne’s sensational singing voice and comic timing made her a big hit with our audiences (Ursula in Bye Bye Birdie, 2012).”

Sofia Landon Geier Producer of Unity Stage Company